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More durable, beautiful epoxy floor alternative.

Garage Floor Resurfacing in Piney Point Village, TX


Are you disappointed in how your Epoxy floor coating protects your garage floor? If you are, then contact Hello Garage of West Houston.

Our customers' epoxy hadn't lived up to their expectations as it had cracked, peeled, and allowed hot tire wear to break through its protective layers.

They felt it was time for a change and called Hello Garage of West Houston.

Our Dream Team ground off their old epoxy floor painting, which exposed their concrete to allow our Polyaspartic floor coating to soak into the pores and form a deep, hard-to-break bond that Epoxy isn't able to create.

This bond will protect their floor from hot tire wear, delamination, abrasions, and UV rays from the sun. It's also easy to clean when spills occasionally happen, and the flake added to the coating gives the coating texture and a granite-like appearance. All in all, it's a step above their old epoxy floor painting.

Hello Garage guarantees our Garage Floor Finishing with our Lifetime Warranty.

If you feel it's time to move on from your old epoxy floor coating, then contact Hello Garage of West Houston. We'll set you up with a free consultation with our Garage Guru, who'll help you understand how Polyaspartic works better for your garage floor than epoxy floor painting.

Epoxy is old news. Polyaspartic is the future!


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