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Garage Floor Sealing in Sugar Land, TX

Our customers became tired of their dirty concrete and contacted Hello Garage of West Houston about what we could do to correct this. Our Garage Guru met with them and showed them what our 100% Polyaspartic floor coating can do for them.


Hello Garage's Dream Team ground down their old, dirty concrete to level it out and get it ready for our garage floor coating to go on it. This gives our Dream Team a smooth surface to work with to give our customers the finish they dream of.


The Dream Team next installed our Polyaspartic floor coating. They pour on a first coat that soaks down into the cement forming a strong, protective bond with the concrete. This bond protects your floors from hot tire wear, delamination, abrasions, and the sun's harmful UV Rays. They then put colored flake on the floor and topped it off with another layer of polyaspartic floor coating to completely seal the deal. This total process makes your floors slip resistant, easy to clean compared to concrete floors, and is ready in about a day.


You can choose the color of the flake placed on your concrete floors and our customers decided to go with our butter pecan option.


If you're in the market for a garage floor coating that makes your floor look great and is easy to clean, then contact Hello Garage of West Houston and we'll send out our Garage Guru to meet with you for a free consultation.


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