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More durable, beautiful epoxy floor alternative.

Garage Floor Resurfacing in Mid-West area, Houston, TX

Our customer's floors needed some TLC. It had stains, cracks, and pitting pockmarking the floor. 

The Dream Team brought out the kid gloves after grinding off the stains by working on those imperfections and filling them with our Polyaspartic crack filler. It took a while, and it was worth it. By fixing the floor, it made the final steps of installation that much easier, taking our customers' floors from bada-bing to bada-BOOM!

Lifetime flooring installed in about a day.

Hello Garage guarantees our products with our Lifetime Warranty.

If you're looking for an epoxy floor coating alternative, then contact Hello Garage of West Houston. Our Garage Guru will be glad to meet with you for a free consultation. He'll help you understand that Polyaspartic brings better protection to your floors than epoxy.

Epoxy's time has passed; Polyaspartic's time is now!

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