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Better Than Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings in Brookshire

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Better Than Epoxy — Brookshire's Durable Garage Floor Coating

Hello Garage of West Houston is Brookshire, TX’s place to go for garage floor coatings and garage storage innovations. Installations by the Dream Team at Hello Garage of West Houston only take about a day — and the products all come with lifetime guarantees. You can make your dreams come true fast and have peace of mind that they’ll hold up for your future!

Open up the possibilities in your garage! Call us today at 1-844-387-5710 or fill out the online form to get a free estimate. We proudly serve Brookshire, TX and areas nearby in Waller County.

Efficient Garage Floor Coating & Storage in Brookshire

All of our garage floor coating and storage options install in about a day, providing you with the dependable, durable and elegant system of your dreams. Learn more about our products below:

  • Garage Floor Coatings: Our epoxy alternative, SparTek™ Floor Coating System is as durable and beautiful as granite and takes only 8 hours to install! Outperforms garage epoxy coatings and polyurea in every category!
  • Garage Storage: With beautiful and industrial-strength storage systems, you can have a space that you will be proud to show off and have confidence in for years to come.
  • Garage Accessories: Slatwall sets and other accessories are customized to accommodate your lifestyle and adjust to your unique needs at a moment’s notice.

Garage Floor Coating Specialist Serving Brookshire

Garage epoxy can have all sorts of problems — and since it is susceptible to yellowing, cracking, hot tire pickup, chemical burns and more, it may not be the most reliable option for garage flooring. That’s why Hello Garage of West Houston offers something even better! Our Garage Gurus searched high and low to find the best product for garage floors and lovingly crafted our polyaspartic floor coating. This incredible system offers the following benefits and more:

  • Granite-like appearance with a wide range of beautiful color options
  • Resistant to UV rays, peeling, flaking and yellowing
  • Highly durable against chemical burns, hot-tire pickup, abrasions and more
  • A lifetime warranty
  • A quick-curing flooring and professional installation
  • Commercial garage floor coating quality

Garage Storage in Brookshire

Is your garage a dumping ground? This problem is more common than you think. But there is no reason to worry — take your garage from junk drawer to front door with the professional garage services at Hello Garage of West Houston! The solution to this problem often begins with better organization. Our state-of-the-art storage solutions are durable and fully adjustable, ensuring they fit your unique wants and needs for a lifetime.

  • Garage cabinets
  • Garage shelving
  • Workbenches, drop zones
  • And more!

You deserve a storage solution that suits your needs! Get in touch with us today or click below to schedule your free garage storage installation estimate in and around Brookshire, TX.

Job Stories From Brookshire, TX
Garage Floor Coating and Patio Concrete Sealer in Brookshire, TX

Our customers decided that they needed to protect both their garage floor and their back patio.After some research, they decided on Hello Garage of West Houston to complete the work.

Our Dream Team laid down our concrete floor coating on their garage floor first. It will protect their floor from hot tire wear, delamination, abrasions, and the sun's harmful UV rays. It's easy to clean for the spills that sometimes happen from cars or projects they might do.

Then the dream team laid down our Polyaspartic floor coating on their patio. The flake that they broadcast will give added texture to the concrete and give it a granite-like appearance. The easy-to-clean floor will come in handy for food and drink spills.

If you're looking for a professional floor coating company, then contact Hello Garage of West Houston. We'll be glad to meet with you for a free consultation. Our Garage Guru will go over how Polyaspartic is a better choice than epoxy floor coating for your garage floors.

Epoxy had its time; Polyaspartic's time is now.

Garage Floor Coating and Patio Concrete Sealer in Brookshire, TX - Photo 1Garage Floor Coating and Patio Concrete Sealer in Brookshire, TX - Photo 2
Garage Floor Sealing Service in Brookshire, TX

Our customer was shopping around to find the right garage floor finishing company for her house. She looked at epoxy floor coating companies and was not impressed by what they were offering. She finally contacted Hello Garage of West Houston and liked the guarantee for our garage floor sealing and that it is more cost-effective than garage floor epoxy cost.


She had our Dream Team install our garage floor finishing with Chocolate Chip flake. Our Polyaspartic Floor Coating is never blended, so their floors can receive the full protection that it offers. It soaks down into the pores of the concrete forming a strong bond that will protect their floors from hot tire wear, delamination, abrasions, and yellowing from the sun's UV rays. It's also easy to clean from the occasional drips and spills that tend to happen.


Even if those drips and spills come from get-togethers they will have have in their garage.


The flake we broadcast across their floors add texture, act as a bonding agent between the layers of polyaspartic floor coating we lay down, and give their floors a granite-like appearance. You can choose from one of our many color combinations, or if you have a custom flake you want to put down, just let us know and we'll try our best to accommodate you.


Hello Garage guarantees our Garage Floor sealing service with our Lifetime Warranty. If you're looking for an epoxy coating alternative, then contact Hello Garage of West Houston. We'll be glad to set you up for a free consultation with our Garage Guru who'll go over how Polyaspartic is a better choice than epoxy for your garage floor.


Leave epoxy for your model cars and put Polyaspartic on your garage floors.

Garage Floor Coating in Brookshire, TX

Our customer contacted Hello Garage of West Houston and wanted to learn more about Polyaspartic floor coating.


We sent out our Garage Guru, who explained how Polyaspartic works better and is more cost-effective than an epoxy floor coating.


Our customer decided to work with Hello Garage and our crew made it out to his property to install his new garage floor sealant.


Our Dream Team ground down his concrete garage floor to remove the stains and open up the pores of the concrete so our floor coating could soak down and form a deep protective bond. Then they worked on the cracks, pitting, and spalling, and filled them with our Polyaspartic crack filler. They finished the process by laying down our Polyaspartic floor coating, spreading out our Mint Chip floor flake, and sealing the floor with a top layer.


Our customer's garage floor finishing protects his garage floor from hot tire wear, delamination, abrasions, and the sun's harmful UV rays. It is also easy to clean for the occasional drips and spills, so you can get your garage ready for get-togethers. 


Hello Garage guarantees our garage floor resurfacing with our Lifetime Warranty.


Epoxy is temporary; Polyaspartic is forever.

Benefits Of Using Polyaspartic Flooring In Brookshire, TX

Homeowners in Brookshire, TX fell In love with our exclusive color Butter Pecan for their durable polyaspartic flooring. Butter Pecan is a brown neutral with specks of black and white. It's a beautiful color to give any space a clean slate and it's even damage-resistant! Discover all the benefits of our flooring solutions by schedulings a free estimate today! 

Overhead Lighting Installation In Fulshear, TX

Mary Louise's garage was in dire need of lighting and flooring solutions. So, she contacted our Garage Gurus at Hello Garage of West Houston for help. We installed adjustable LED overhead lighting with movable panels to angle the light to suit her needs. We also installed our durable polyaspartic garage floor coatings in the color Butter Pecan. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation! 

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