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Garage Organization in Richmond, TX

Our Customers wanted to add some garage organization to go along with their Cookies and Cream Polyaspartic Floor Coating so they can control their garage clutter.

Hello Garage's Dream Team installed a custom Garage Slatwall, Garage Shelving, and---not pictured---a Garage Workbench system.

Our Garage Slatwall can be utilized to hang yard tools, sports equipment, extension cords, ladders, and even bicycles. This allows you to make use of your garage walls and have a system where you can easily access your implements. You can also use Hello Garage's Slatwall as an accent wall to add a splash of color to your garage. Our customers chose to have their slatwall in Gingerbread; one of our four color choices.

The Dream Team installed Garage Shelving for our customers to help with storage. Hello Garage's Garage Shelving is made from 100% steel construction and can hold up to 800 lbs. It's tough, durable, and doesn't buckle like plastic shelves. You can use our Garage Shelving to store cleaning supplies, pet supplies, sports equipment, and tools for easy access.

Our Garage Workbench area can be used for tinkering, hobbies, and for fixing household items. It comes with a pegboard that you can use to hang tools, parts, and other equipment. Our customers upgraded their workbench surface with Hello Garage's Butcher Block.

This setup works well if you run an Etsy store where you make and sell crafts, and for storing your products before they are shipped out.

If garage is getting cluttered and you need help with your garage organization, then contact Hello Garage of West Houston and we will send out our Garage Guru for a free consultation.

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