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Epoxy Coating Alternative and Garage Storage - Spring Valley Village, TX

The concrete floor was soft and hard to deal with. Once our team finished breaking it down, they got to work coating it with 100% Polyaspartic Floor Coating to make it tough as nails! They also added our sturdy shelving system where the each of the floating shelves can hold up to 300 lbs. They also added the slatwall system which is great for hanging up hoses, garden tools, or even coats if that's the direction you want to go in. They also installed our Workbench System with butcher block upgrade for when you need to get your projects completed.

Garage Floor Coating and Garage Organization in Oak Forest Area, Houston, TX

Our customers wanted to upgrade the look of their garage by placing garage floor coating on their cement garage floors and adding pieces of garage organization to help keep down the clutter. They contacted Hello Garage of West Houston and our Garage Guru worked with them to find the right solution for their garage.

Our Dream Team installed our garage floor finishing system by first grinding down their old concrete to get rid of stains and open the pores so our polyaspartic finishing can soak down into your floors. They fixed the cracks, pitting, and spalling of our customers' concrete with our polyaspartic crack filler for a permanent fix. Then our Dream Team laid down the bottom coat of our never-blended Polyaspartic Floor Coating to create a deep, strong bond with your concrete. The Dream Team next broadcast our Mint Chip flake across their floor to help bind together their floors, add texture, and give their garage floor sealing a granite-like appearance. They finished the process by putting on a final layer of Polyaspartic floor coating to seal their new garage floor finishing together. Their new garage floor resurfacing will protect their concrete from hot tire wear, delamination, abrasions, and the sun's harmful UV rays. Our garage floor sealing is industrial strength, medical grade, and prevents petroleum and chemical burns. It is also easy to clean for the occasional drips and spills.

Our Dream Team installed for our customers our HG Garage Slatwall, Garage Cabinet, and Garage Shelving. Our Garage Slatwall is a great way to utilize your garage walls and gives you a place to store yard tools, extension cords, ladders, and sports equipment. You can choose the look of your slatwall from one of our four color selections. Our customers chose to go with our Gingerbread look.

Our customers' garage cabinet installation came next. HG Garage Cabinets are a great place to store tools, chemicals, car parts, and more, and keep them out of sight behind sliding doors.

The Dream Team finished our customers' garage upgrade by installing our HG 8' Garage Shelves with Backer Board upgrade. Our Garage Shelving System can hold up to 800 lbs. and its open-face storage allows for easy access to the tools, toys, and other equipment you store there. The Backer Board upgrade gives our Garage Shelves a uniform look and helps prevent your items from falling off the back of your shelves.

Hello Garage guarantees their products with our Lifetime Warranty.

If you are looking for garage organization and an epoxy floor coating alternative, then contact Hello Garage of West Houston. We'll set you up with a free consultation with our Garage Guru who can help you design the garage of your dreams.

Hello Garage of West Houston: Your Garage Organization and Garage Floor Sealing Company.

Don't settle for residential epoxy flooring; upgrade to our long-lasting, Polyaspartic floor coating today.

Garage Floor Resurfacing in Oak Forest, Houston, TX

Our customers' concrete garage floor was in rough shape. They had stains, burns, cracks, divots, and hot tire wear across their surfaces. 


Our Dream Team got to work, grinding off the stains and burns, also opening up the pores in the concrete so our garage floor resurfacing could soak into the floor. Next, they filled the cracks, pitting, and spalling with our Polyaspartic crack filler to both protect and fix the issues in the concrete.


They completed the process by applying our Polyaspartic floor coating, which will protect the floors for the rest of their lives*.The coating protects their floors from the same burns, hot tire wear, abrasions, and delamination that plagued their floors before.


Plus, it's easy to clean up the occasional drips and spills.


Flooring good enough, you'd want to party on!


You can do that, too!


Hello Garage guarantees our Polyaspartic floor coating with our Lifetime Warranty.


If you're looking for a garage floor resurfacing company, then call Hello Garage of West Houston. Our Garage Guru will meet with you to show you how Polyaspartic is a better way than epoxy floor painting. 


Epoxy is good; it's just not good for your garage floors.


Bikes in the Heights

2 custom slatwall sections for hanging of race bikes!

Garage Floor Finishing Installation in Shady Acres, Houston, TX

It's the new year, and what does your garage floor look like? If it's looking a bit grungy, then give Hello Garage of West Houston a ring.

Our Dream Team got their garage floor finishing installation off to a great start by grinding the concrete and fixing the cracks so they could properly install our garage floor sealing. It is never blended, so our customers' garage floor can receive the full protection that Polyaspartic can bring. It'll soak into the concrete to create a deep bond that is hard to break. This base is the first layer of protection to protect their floor from hot tire wear, delamination, abrasions, and harmful UV rays. It also makes it easy to clean up the drips and spills that can happen.

The flake finish we add acts as a binding agent between the two layers of Polyaspartic we place down, gives their floor texture, and adds a granite-like appearance that makes their floor ready for prime time.

Hello Garage guarantees our garage floor sealing with our Lifetime Warranty.

If it's time to get those grungy garage floors updated and upgraded, then contact Hello Garage of West Houston. We'll set you up with a free consultation with our Garage Guru, who'll meet with you at your place and show you why Polyaspartic is a better choice than epoxy for your garage floor.

Epoxy is temporary; Polyaspartic is forever.


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