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Personalize your garage storage system with slatwall and accessories.

Garage Organization & Accessories in Greater Houston, TX

Garage lighting, slatwall, & other accessories

At Hello Garage of West Houston, we pay attention to the details. Lighting and accessories can make or break any space, especially in the garage. A bulb dangling from the ceiling or a light screwed into the garage door opener just won't cut it. And without the right accessories, a standard garage storage system is just that: standard.

Hello Garage of West Houston completely transforms your space with energy-efficient LED lighting and practical accessories to personalize your storage system. The possibilities are endless when you upgrade your garage lighting and storage system with us! We offer the following garage lighting and accessories:

Garage Slatwall
  • Bike hooks
  • Slatwall hooks & baskets
  • Storage baskets, end trim, & more

Revamp your garage with the Dream Team at Hello Garage of West Houston. We offer all of our garage renovation services throughout Texas in Houston, Rosenberg, Sugar Land, and nearby. Give us a call to get a free estimate today!

Energy-efficient overhead garage lighting

Is your garage as inviting as a dimly-lit police interrogation room? If you can't stand being in your garage for more than a few minutes because of the old, dull lights, you should consider adjustable LED Overhead Lighting from Hello Garage of West Houston. Our energy-efficient garage lighting only uses 45 watts of electricity and produces 3,500 lumens - this is brighter than four 60 watt bulbs!

Overhead Lighting

With three movable panels, you can angle the light to where it is needed most. Plus, you can adjust the brightness to how you see fit. See, it really is all about you!

Create a more inviting garage with the long-lasting and energy-efficient HG Overhead Lighting system from Hello Garage!

  • Longer life:

    The components of an LED light substantially extend its lifespan.

  • Energy-efficient:

    Most standard light bulbs waste electricity by turning energy into heat.

  • High intensity & brightness:

    Unlike standard bulbs, LEDs can produce a much stronger light.

  • Low radiated heat:

    When electrified, LED bulbs emit electromagnetic energy as light. So they don't radiate heat in the same way that standard bulbs do.

  • Reliable:

    LEDs can operate safely in colder temperatures and can endure more vibration and impact than standard bulbs.

Garage Slatwall

Garage slatwall accessories

Not everything in the garage is supposed to hide in a cabinet. While routinely used items should be neat and off the floor, how do you keep hoses, yard tools, and the other stuff you need within reach? The solution: the slatwall accessories kit from Hello Garage of West Houston.

We also offer a 10-piece starter kit of basic hooks and baskets, sold separately. We recommend ten accessories for every 4x8 ft. section. If you need additional components, we also offer individual pieces separately.

Garage Bike Hook

Bike hooks

The garage is a perfect place to store the kids' bikes close and safely out of the elements. But as an entryway, a storage space, or a work area, floor space is key to making your garage the most productive place it can be. That is why we provide bike storage hooks that allow you to vertically hang your bikes in seconds and keep the floor clear of clutter.

The heavy-duty bike storage hooks support up to 40 pounds and carry all wheel sizes, except for fat tires. The bike hooks also include a rubber sleeve to prevent scratches to the bike and a tray to prevent scuffing on the wall.

Garage storage accessories

Have you decided that the HG Storage System is a good fit for your home but want more to meet your garage organization goals? No problem - we provide practical garage storage upgrades and accessories that help you truly personalize the system to your home. From additional garage shelving to baskets for easy storage, we provide these extras and so much more, including:

Garage Organization Accessories

A taller garage storage system

While our garage storage system comes in standard 6 ft. upright sections, we provide 8 ft. pieces for homes with higher ceilings or those that need more room for shelving, baskets, or accessories.

Sleek-looking end trim

Want to add a finishing touch to your garage storage system? We provide optional upright end trim with a powdered gunmetal finish, so it matches the rest of your system and is just as strong.

Drop zone add-ons

By upgrading the bench for a maple wood butcher block with a penetrating mineral oil coating, you can create a sleek look and a more durable unit overall. Each drop zone also comes standard with a hanging bar complete with four 4 in. ball hooks and a top shelf. But if you need more storage, ask your Garage Guru about extra hooks.

Workbench accessories

If you need additional storage options for your workbench, we provide extra shelving beneath and pegboard add-ons to keep tools and other objects handy - this includes 4 in. ball end hooks, a large basket, and a 4 ft. mounting bar with plastic bins attached. Plus, you can upgrade the standard workstation for a maple wood butcher block. With a penetrating mineral oil coating, you will have lasting protection for your system.

Garage shelving upgrades

Not all of your storage items are supposed to sit on a shelf. That is why we provide 4 ft. long 16 in. deep wire baskets and ends. The baskets and ends are powder-coated in a sleek gunmetal finish to match the rest of your system and add lasting durability.

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Accessorizing can truly make a space your own. From bright, energy-efficient overhead lighting to heavy-duty bike hooks and practical storage add-ons, Hello Garage of West Houston can help you create a space that perfectly meets your garage organization goals - the only limit is your imagination!

Call us to get a free estimate on our overhead garage lighting and storage accessories. We proudly serve Texas areas throughout Rosenberg, Houston, Sugar Land, Richmond, Fulshear, Katy, Pattison, Thompsons, Barker, Brookshire, and nearby.

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